my dreams

I ripped the sea with my hands
So that my dream would sink
Deep, deep into the unknown
Where the crustaceans lurk

Ebs and flows throughout the currents
Seeing new faces
And worn out places
That have never been touched before

My hands are still wet
With the blue of the slashed waves
Pondering over my dream

Where it has been
And what will it do
Underneath the ocean blue

As it floats underneath the abyss
Moving to and fro
It goes over a geyser
And shoots up higher
Up to the sky it goes

And then I see
My hopeless dream
More beautiful than before

The color that runs from my fingers
Colors the deserted sands
Of my heart and of my mind
Hope is in my hands

I jump, I yell, I scream
For I am finally me
Me with a dream
As great as can be
All thanks to the sea


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